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Antique Bed Frames

Looking for a nights stay in the future? s need is a soft and comfortable bed frame platform bed headboard and footboard with room to keep your things. These frames are in mint condition and are the perfect solution for a modern home.

Antique Beds

There are many different ways to create an antique bed. I suggest that you try one of the following: .

Old Bed

This old bed frame is a great option for a small home or small home enough to keep but not too small that it becomes tooemo solitary. This bed frame is in great condition with few if not any use cards or dirt on it. It is also foldable for easy transport. this is a full size antique white victorian iron metal bed frame frames bedroom furniture set. This set includes a bed frame, headboard, andremington royal sons office chair. The bed frame is made of heavy iron metal and the headboard is made of wood. The remington royal sons chair is comfortable to sit in and the bed frame is made of heavy iron metal. This set is a great for the bedroom or the living room. this old brass bed is a great addition to your home office or bedroom. The bed has a comfortable in-bed fit and is making a great addition as a nucleus for a runner's world-style home. This bed is in sale! this beautiful italian hand carved painted king bedroom set is perfect for a special room or home. The hand carved frames and paint job add a touch of luxury to the room. The set also includes a brand new made to order bed. This would make a great addition to any home.