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Firetruck Bed

Are you looking for a new bed but don't know how to get started? this plan has all the tools you need to build your own! This is a great addition to any home or small business.

Fire Truck Bed

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Fire Truck Toddler Bed

This is a great tonka model truck bed that is perfect for a toddler. The flat bed makes it perfect for driving around. The truck has a lot of potential and can handle itself really well. The fire truck bed is perfect for your child's needs. this truck toddler bed is a great addition to any room. The toy box and be sure to provide an extra bed for the toddlers is the perfect touch. The truck bed will help keep the toddlers safe and comfortable. this great toddler bed by parts & labor is a great replacement for your child's old fire truck bed. It is made from durable materials and will keep them warm and comfortable. The stickers are a great way to remember the night before, and the fire truck car is perfect for an extra layer of warmth on those cold days. this firetruck toddler bed is the perfect mix of fun and safety for your little one. The bed has a favorite pet on one side and a strong need on the other. The bed can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your child, and now with our safety rail it is easy to keep their head and body safe.