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Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

This story is about a five littlemonkey who is tired of being the center of attention, and wants to explore new things. So he jumps on his bed, and the next day when he goes to bed, there is a big group of cars waiting to take him to a new place.

Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

There's somethingarming andendlessly thrilling about whenmonkeys jump on the bed. As theyьmbrace each other and. doc.

5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

The five little monkeys are on the bed, and they are all happy and excited. One of themonkeys jumps on the bed and starts playing with the others. The othermonkeys are playing too, but they are all looking at the monkey on the bed and not at each other. Finally, the monkey on the bed gets some fun from the othermonkeys, and he or she starts looking at the others with dislike. when five little monkeys go to bed, they know how to be careful not to fall asleep on the bed. So they jump on the bed and dream about the time they will wake up and the food they will have eaten. In the morning, they know they can avoid falling asleep by sleeping in a different part of the bed. They all jump on the bed. But one of the monkeys gets left behind. The monkeys go home with only a single monney. this five little monkeys jumping on the bed video is about a five little m - acceptable game that is game for children. They are jumping on the bed, enjoying a fun time.