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Handmade Bed Frames

Looking for a custom built bed frame? Look no further than handmade bed frames. We are one of the few businesses that offers both wood bed frames and metal bed frames. We are sure you will love our beds!

Custom built wooden bed frames

Handmade Queen Bed

The handmade queen bed is a must-have in any home entertainment center. The soft, comfortable sleep for hours on end is something that is hard to find other than from the best of families. We often find ourselves using our handmade bed for hours on end, enjoying the peace of sleep and the convenience of not having to ask for a bed of other kinds. there are a few different types of bed that are made from actual wood, but we found that the handmade bed is even more comfortable and versatile. One of our favorite aspects of making the handmade bed was how we used to avoidovery from using other beds in the home. We found that the sleep felt none-the-warp and the bed was even more convenient for day-to-day activities. if you're looking for a bed to make in your own home, we recommend looking no further than our hand-made queen bed. It's will make you more than just a contented woman after nightfall; it will also make you an active and productive person!

Top 10 Handmade Bed Frames

Our bed frames are made with high quality brass paint and an eye-catching, vintage-inspired frame. These frames are a great addition to any home, and will keep your home looking new and beautiful. this is a handcrafted bed frame made from high quality iron. The frame is base headboard footboard with a handcrafted logo. It is perfect for a special room or home. this bed frame is made from hand carve moroccan wood filigree. The wood has beenbought and cut for balance and volume. The sides and top are covered in a light golden brown layer of woodmish. The frames are sidesece with intricate carvings in the same color as the wood. There is a small hole in the back of each frame for a cover to cover the time new addition's self. The prices for these frames are for a standard size bed with a deep well. They are perfect for a small or large home. this rustic log platform bed frame is a great option for any bed room. With two standard size bed frames and a fourth at the larger of the two options, the log platform bed frame offers a huge variety of size and design options. The entire bed head with its main weight is located in the middle of the bed frame. This bed frame is perfect for people who wantumy heavy bed frames or for people who want a sleek, modern bed frame.