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Truck Bed Tool Box

This truck bed tool box is perfect for your ford f-150. It features a rear left-left tool box and a rear right-right tool box. It is also a fit for ford f-150 2022-22.

Truck Bed Box


Truck Bed Toolbox

This truck bed toolbox has 2 rear truck bed storage boxes toolboxes and a lock. This toolbox can hold all the tools your truck needs to have a well-organized and safe place to keep your vehicles. this is a great truck bed box case that is 39" wide x 13" long x 10" thick. It has a 13" wide x 10" long x 10" thick design. It is made of alum. It is that same color as the truck bed box case. You can choose to have it black or silver. The box case will store your truck bed box case. It is perfect for your truck. this perfect for holding all your truck bed supplies! The black alumium pickup truck bed tool box storage box is 10 inches wide, and is especially great if you need to move your supplies around. The box also features a traileringlock fit, making it perfect for keeping your tools safe and easy to find. our truck bed tool boxes are perfect for storing all your tools. They're lightweight and versatile, perfect for picking up a truck bed project from start to finish. Our boxes are made from 50 aluminum which is strong and durable. Plus, we include two tool shelves to keep your tools organized and accessible.