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Zinus 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed

This beautiful 12 inch wood platform bed is perfect for a larger home. The bed has a sleek, if a bit old-fashioned, look that will make you feel at ease. The platform bed is also comfortable to sleep on, with a thin frame that doesn't feel too tight. The headboard is an beautiful, if you're looking for a bed that will make your home come alive, look no further than the zinus 12 inch wood platform bed.

Best Zinus 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed

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Cheap Zinus 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed

This bed is a 12 inch bed with wood platform frame. No boxspring needed. This bed is also a good size for larger people. The wood platform bed is made of wood, so it will last long and is not very strong. The wood is a good material for a bed because it is durable and will last. this 12 inch wood platform bed is a beautiful and sturdy bed that would make a great addition to your home. The platform bed is finished with high-quality cherry wood that is sure to last. The bed is also thoughtfully designed with its intricate details, making it a perfect addition to your home. this is a great bed for those with small spaces. The zinus 12 inch wood platform bed is large enough to house a large family while still being simple and stylish. The bed has a luxe of 12 inches of space per side and a hardwood floor. While not required, a box spring could help keep costs down. The bed can be personalized with a custom wood platform border and a beamed headboard. The bed has washtube legs and a platform nightstand with a phone holder and other features.